The Transition to a Newly Sober Life

While receiving treatment for abusing drugs and alcohol, it is common to wonder what comes after you leave the safe confines of the rehab center. Most likely, if you are receiving treatment for an addiction, you have plenty of friends who also engage in drinking or using drugs. It can definitely be a struggle for individuals beginning their new sober lifestyle to wonder, what am I going to do when I’m newly sober? Am I going to have to get all new friends and hang out in entirely new situations? Will I feel comfortable in my own skin in social situations?

These are very natural questions and concerns to have. While you don’t necessarily need to “get all new friends” as many people believe they will need to do once sober, it is very important to have friends that are supportive of your newly sober lifestyle and are not going to pressure or encourage you to use drugs or drink. A lot of people also find that once they stop using or drinking, they have much more time to devote to healthy hobbies and re-connect to former skills, such as writing, are, or sports. Part of our treatment program is a Life Purpose coach who will help you re-connect with these types of activities. We even conduct weekly groups where the focus is about staying sober, and how to achieve lasting sobriety post-rehab. Balance is truly the key to living a happy, healthy and sober life, and we believe that supportive friends and family, goals, and fulfilling activities are the key to maintaining balance.