Coping the Day After Relapse

Relapsing can be a very emotional, disappointing setback for an individual who is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. The day after a relapse, is common to feel extreme guilt and shame; however, all is not lost, and there are several things you can do to cope the day after a relapse, and to prevent the same situation from happening in the future. At Passages Malibu, we believe that once the underlying issues causing you to numb yourself with drugs and alcohol are healed, your addiction will cease to exist. We believe that a relapse just means that you are still dealing with some of your underlying issues, and most likely you need to re-evaluate why you are choosing to use in the first place. However, once the relapse has happened, the best way to deal is to have a well-thought out, effective prevention plan in place. Call a friend, meet with a therapist, but most importantly, if you have had a drink or taken drugs, instead of becoming consumed anger or disappointment the next day, simply remind yourself that you can stop. After all haven’t you been able to stay sober all this time beforehand? Evaluate whatever it is about the situation you are in or people you are with that is making you want to use drugs or alcohol, decide to make a change and get some help. Give yourself some positive credit, and realize that you can and will remain sober.