Alternative and Evidence-based Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is an extremely complex problem that does not adhere to a one size fits all approach. Since the beginning of the development of drug and alcohol treatment centers, the 12-step philosophy has served as the foundation for everything else to come. For many years, the 12-step approach was considered the only option when it came to drug and alcohol rehab. In more recent years, alternative medicine and evidence-based treatments has emerged as the framework for what is considered effective drug and alcohol treatment. Alternative medicine and evidence-based practices of licensed professionals use a variety of different modalities such as one-on-one therapy, marriage and family therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture, physical training, and a healthy diet plan to address the causes of drug and/or alcohol dependency without teaching that it is because of a disease. When addiction is addressed as a disease that will forever be within you, the real reasons why you are using drugs and alcohol are never addressed.