Hypnotherapy and Addiction

Hypnotherapy is a healing method that it is recognized as a safe and direct way to build self esteem, to allow our unconscious creative and spiritual powers to be stimulated to help change addictive patterns, and to heal childhood trauma and other underlying disorders. In the medical realm, it is often used for the reduction of chronic pain, to replace anesthesia, and to shorten recovery in childbirth, dental and medical procedures. Hypnotherapy can be used effectively as part of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program by reinforcing behavioral changes sought by those seeking to break their addictions. Fortunately, we firmly believe that drug addiction is completely treatable. There are several treatment approaches for addiction, but the most important factor of treatment is that every particular individual requires a program tailored for his or her unique needs. Once detox is over and the individual has stopped using, preventing relapse is necessary for maintaining the effect of the withdrawal treatment and setting the individual up for longer-term success. This is where hypnotherapy can help. We recognize hypnotherapy as a pertinent and valuable element in our addiction treatment program.