Low Self-Esteem and Addiction

Low self-esteem and addiction go hand in hand. While there are numerous underlying reasons why people choose to use drugs and alcohol, at Passages Malibu we see low self-esteem to be one of the most common underlying causes of addiction. Individuals with low self-esteem are typically struggling in one of the following areas: personal stability, feeling insignificant, feeling as though they are a “bad” person, or feeling incompetent. An individual with low self-esteem often feels as though their life is unstable and they have no control. It is also common for a person who has an addiction to drugs or alcohol to feel like they are insignificant, and they often express feeling a lack of attention and affection from other people. We also commonly see that a person who has low self-esteem may feel like they are not ethically or morally a good person, and that they are not worthy of love or affection. They also tend to feel like they are failures or not good at anything. Drugs or alcohol may seem like an easy solution to numb the pain at first for people suffering from low self-esteem. However, their feelings and their problems still exist and severely worsen after becoming dependent on drugs and alcohol, and as their addictions take over their self-esteem rapidly declines even more. At Passages Malibu, our therapists are experienced in helping clients increase their self-esteem and overcome their addictions.