Nutrition and Exercise in Drug Treatment Centers

Several studies have shown that healthy nutrition and physical fitness are important components of an effective addiction recovery plan. Substance abuse disorders and addictions have a very clear mind-body connection. Essentially, addictions start out as efforts to overcome emotional pain, underlying issues or depression, and eventually a chemical dependency develops and attempts to stop using are often overpowered by physical cravings and emotional urges. To address both the physical and mental aspects of addiction, treatment centers such as Passages Malibu employ physical activity and nutrition plans in addition to traditional psychotherapy. We believe that when you exercise and eat better, you feel better and ultimately live better. Over a period of time, alcoholism and other forms of addiction negatively impact the body by depriving it of proper nourishment. We believe that to counter this damage and to help clients achieve a state of health and wellness that will increase their likelihood to overcome their addictions, nutrition and exercise should be a key element of the treatment plan throughout the recovery process.