Teenage Drug Use

In recent years, teenage drug abuse has increased at an alarming rate. Often times, a teenager who begins using drugs and alcohol at an early age is beginning on a path towards a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse. Statistically, the most common drugs abused by teens are alcohol and marijuana. However, a number of teens surveyed have reported increased usage of cocaine, ecstasy, and opiates(particularly oxycontin) in recent years. There are many stages of drug abuse, and when it begins early on in the teenage years, it can rapidly become dangerous and unmanageable. A large number of our clients at Passages Malibu report beginning to drink alcohol and use drugs as teenagers. One of the main reasons that individuals who begin using drugs as teens are at a greater risk for becoming addicted is solely due to their age. The immaturity of the teenage brain makes individuals much more susceptible to addiction because at this point in life, the part of the brain that controls impulses is not fully developed. Fortunately, many schools are becoming more proactive to deal with this problem by offering drug and alcohol education within the standard curriculum. There are also many treatment centers solely dedicated to treating adolescents and teens.