Alcohol Addiction and Marriage

Being married to an individual dealing with alcohol dependency can be a big problem. Thousands of families in North America alone are struggling with the issue on a daily basis, which can have many serious and detrimental repercussions. Individuals coping with some other underlying issue or personal pain often see their social drinking gradually deteriorate into alcohol abuse and eventually into alcohol dependency. This can be very difficult on a marital partner, and especially on children. Once one partner has shifted from enjoying a drink to compulsively needing alcohol to feel okay, the other partner may feel as though they have involuntarily been placed in the “caretaker” role. They may feel that their partner suffering from alcohol dependency is working much below his or her potential, neglecting or abusing their family, damaging their health, and often causing financial problems. They may feel as though their partner is lying, not being themselves, minimizing the seriousness of the situation, or continuing to seek out and use alcohol regardless of consequences. If you are living with an alcoholic, there are steps you can take to help them. More importantly, there are many things you can do to limit enabling behavior so that you don’t further your partner’s alcoholism, such as making excuses for them or allowing their damaging actions to continue. At Passages Malibu, we can help those dealing with alcohol dependency, and their spouses and families as well.