Hobbies and a Life Purpose in Recovery

Many times when a person struggling with addiction checks into an inpatient rehab center, they have been through such a difficult and harrowing experience with substance abuse that they have
forgotten about the person they were before they started using and the things in life that used to bring them happiness. It can be very beneficial for an individual’s recovery and self-esteem
to rediscover their talents, hobbies, and innate strengths.  It is very important for a newly sober person to explore ways in which they can use their core gifts and talents to provide
themselves with a new-found sense of achievement and accomplishment.  Often times, individuals can lose themselves in their addictions, and tapping into their natural-born gifts and talents is a
very powerful way that they can begin to feel balanced and whole again.  At Passages Malibu, each of our clients is assigned a Life Purpose Counselor to help them rediscover their true selves.  Once you can identify behaviors and activities that are fun, a creative outlet, and will help keep you on the road towards lasting sobriety, you are more apt to also identify behaviors that would derail your progress in the future.