Physical Fitness at Passages Malibu

Years of dependency on drugs and alcohol severely damages your mental state, emotional health, and your overall physical fitness. In recent years, various types of new research has shown the numerous and invaluable benefits of exercise and physical fitness.  At Passages Malibu, we include physical fitness and exercise as one of the key parts of our treatment program, because it has shown to be a vital part of helping our clients maintain a healthy, balanced, and sober existence.  One of the initial benefits you will see from our physical fitness program is the reversing of trends you have likely developed as part of an unhealthy lifestyle. We provide each client with one-on-one sessions with our Certified Fitness Instructors in our own fully equipped fitness center, so they can work with you at your own pace and choose exercises related to your preferences. Regular exercise causes the release of endorphins-molecules that have been shown to have a “feel good” effect on the brain and body, to control pain, reduce depression and anxiety, relieve stress, and to decrease cravings for addictive substances.  As you continue to work out and become more physically active, you’ll not only notice a difference in your physical appearance, but you will also begin to notice an increase in your self-esteem.  Whether you prefer to bike, play tennis, practice yoga, kayak, lift free-weighs, or use an elliptical machine, the benefits of these activities are endless, and we provide them all at Passages Malibu.