Benefits of Sober Living Facilities

The process of getting sober and maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle does not end once treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab center is over.  It takes work beyond the initial stay at a rehab center, and that is where transitioning into a sober living facility can be helpful.  Once inpatient treatment at a drug or alcohol rehab center has taken place, the individual will often re-enter the same situation and surroundings that they were struggling in the first place.  Although for some people this is not an issue, others find that it is helpful for them to get a fresh start in a new environment, surrounded by other sober people.  Sober living houses are a good option for people wishing to have this transitional period out of the rehab center and live with other newly sober individuals with limited professional care.  Individuals often find the residents of the sober house to be helpful and supportive. When choosing a rehab center, it is important to pick a facility that has a strong continuing or aftercare department.  The aftercare department will help each client decide what they are going to do post-rehab, whether it be finding a sober living house, or returning home and attending weekly therapy sessions.  Continuing care advisors have a wide range of knowledge about different sober living facilities and can help each individual client find one best suited for them based on their particular needs.  At Passages Malibu, our continuing care department is familiar with hundreds of sober livings homes, and they help our clients re-adjust into their newly sober, happy and healthy life.