Opiate Detox and Addiction

Opiate addiction is an increasing problem in the United States today, and it is recognized as having one of the more difficult detox. Using opiates for an extended period of time ultimately causes the nerve cells in the brain to stop functioning correctly and inhibits the production of natural endorphins, causing a physical dependency. Detox from opiates should be carefully monitored by medical professionals, as it can result in severe side effects and even death for unhealthy individuals. Although the physical detox from opiates can be difficult, and individual must first admit that there is a problem, seek professional medical and rehabilitation help, stay focused on their goals and continue their treatment through a continuing care program. Support from therapists, family, and friends along with the personal commitment to heal are necessary factors in a successful opiate detox regardless of the treatment method chosen. There are many methods and treatment centers to use for opiate detox, but at Passages Malibu we specialize in providing an excellent opiate treatment program. We have doctors and nurses on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure our clients are well-supervised and safe. Once you have completed your opiate detox, we provide you with a treatment team of therapists who are experts in opiate addiction. Each individual must decide which treatment center is appropriate and can best meet their needs.