Underlying Issues and Substance Abuse

Some of the most common underlying issues that cause people to abuse drugs and alcohol are depression, ADD, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of purpose, insomnia, and childhood trauma. Underlying issues like these are often solely responsible for someone’s desire to use, and it’s those issues that must be healed if someone is going to remain substance free forever. This is an area of treatment that most rehab centers miss, but not Passages. Passages’ non 12-step rehab center focuses primarily on healing underlying conditions; as a result the symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse go away of their own accord since there is nothing left to drive them.  This model is now being picked up by other rehab centers who realized that this is truly the most effective, up to date, and comprehensive method of treatment. Each client at Passages receives 70 hours of individual therapy per month, 24 hour nursing, a staff of over 100, a ten person team of therapists, and a tremendous amount of individual attention.  This extraordinary amount of personal attention allows us to create a custom treatment program for each individual client, since no two people’s underlying conditions or life circumstances are the same.  If you would like to discover the underlying causes driving you abuse drugs or alcohol, contact Passages today.