Positive Non-12 Step Approach

AA and other 12-step programs have saved many lives and worked for many people over the years.
However, there are millions of people who still need help, who have not succeeded in AA, and who are not among the group of individuals who choose to attend 12-step meetings. At Passages Malibu and Passages Ventura, we encounter numerous individuals every day who are against and have not succeeded at the AA program for various reasons. AA claims to be open to anyone, but in reality it’s only open to those who are willing to publicly declare themselves to be alcoholics or addicts, sick with a disease and powerless over drugs and alcohol.  We believe that declaring yourself to be powerless with a “disease” and unable to be healed and whole again is counter-productive, demoralizing and ineffective.   We believe that you are not at all powerless, and that you are fully capable of attaining a complete and total return to health and happiness. For these reasons, many individuals choose to go the non 12-step route.  At Passages, we do not believe you are a sick, damaged, and hopeless addict, but rather we believe in a cure and we believe in you.