College Binge Drinking

Increasingly on the news, there are more and more terrible reports of accidents involving college students dying of alcohol poisoning or being killed in drunk driving accidents. Unfortunately, news stories such as these have become commonplace and the most disturbing thing are that that these instances serve as an example for a much larger problem: binge drinking itself, especially the kind that takes place on University campuses. Unfortunately there is a positive social attitude attached to college binge drinking. Enormous amounts of money are made every year by marketing beer and hard liquor to young people, and unfortunately once these young people start drinking it far too often leads to a life-long habit of consuming alcohol.  Binge drinkers find that drinking itself becomes an extremely compulsive activity-drinking as much alcohol as possible becomes the norm, without even enjoying the experience.

At most colleges and universities, college binge drinking is a rite of passage, especially within the Greek system. If a student can drink a lot quickly, it is in many social circles something to brag about. Binge drinking is commonly glorified in the media, often in films such as “Animal House” or “The Hangover.”  Binge drinking is ingrained in our national consciousness, and there are many steps that need to be taken to reduce its role as an unavoidable part of university life.