Solution-Based Therapy and the Power of Positive Thinking

At Passages Malibu, we strongly encourage the notion that it is time to renounce the problem-focused, powerless victim approach to substance abuse treatment.  We have created our treatment program around the fact that it is most effective to believe in a positive recovery, one that is established on strengths and solutions rather than the stagnant disease theory.  Solution focused therapy is one way we tailor our therapy to the unique characteristics of every individual client.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 90% of all suicides are committed by individuals who are affected by substance abuse, depression, or another mood disorders.  Clearly, substance abuse is an issue viewed by many as impossible to overcome.  Over the past several decades, it can be argued that those suffering from substance dependency have been viewed as “powerless victims.”  Many individuals still believe they have a “disease” over which we are told we are powerless.  It is true that the message of Alcoholics Anonymous did, at one time, give some hope and assurance in a community that society was not familiar with and had labeled as taboo, unlawful, or morally defective.

However, we believe that these notions are now outdated and serve no purpose in healing individuals that are struggling and hurting. We believe that solution –focused therapy that focuses on positive thinking and personal accountability can combine with other more traditional methods of recovery work to form a more holistic, well-rounded treatment program that may offer clients more successful end results.