Vicodin Addiction and Treatment

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming a very notable problem in our society today.  Frequently, doctors prescribe Vicodin to their patients to help them cope with pain as a result of injuries or illnesses.  Many individuals are able to take this very powerful prescription painkiller in appropriate amounts without incident, and are able to stop their usage when the pain has subsided.  However, many other individuals become physically dependent on the drug, and the various effects of Vicodin drive them to addiction.  During the time that an individual is ingesting Vicodin, they may develop a physical tolerance, thus needing more and more of the drug to obtain the desired or original euphoric effects.  There are numerous signs and symptoms to look out for if you suspect a Vicodin addiction, such as physical withdrawals (feeling sick or achy when you stop taking it), irregular heartbeat, nervousness and anxiety, or sudden shifts between feelings of euphoria and severe depression.  Vicodin addiction affects people of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economic groups, and the consequences of Vicodin addiction are the same for all dependent individuals.  One of the more recent and more serious trends we are seeing among Vicodin and other prescription pain medication addicts is what is now commonly referred to as “doctor shopping.”  In an attempt to gain access to a greater amount of Vicodin, individuals will move from doctor to doctor faking pains or ailments in order to receive their prescriptions.  This is a very serious matter since individuals can often obtain lethal amounts of Vicodin by this method. If you or someone you know needs Vicodin treatment, contact Passages today.