Dangers of the Disease Concept

The concept of addiction as an incurable, lifelong disease has been around for decades.  This concept is wrapped heavily in with the Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy, which was created in 1935 and has not changed much since. Although the disease model of addiction is widely recognized and accepted, there are various dangers that are a direct result of this philosophy. The disease concept preaches that addictions are a chronic, unavoidable condition in which the afflicted individual has a very minor capacity for personal choices and accountability.

At Passages, we see this as a setup for disaster.  If you believe that you have no control over your addiction, what is preventing you from relapsing?  This just doesn’t make sense to us.  We believe that you are using drugs and alcohol merely as a coping mechanism to deal with deeper, underlying problems.  Once these issues are healed, your addiction will cease as a result and you will be fully able to remain happy, healthy and sober.  We believe that alcoholics and addicts must not only want to recover, but they also must be willing and able to work at recovery and rehabilitation.  The disease concept of addiction gives alcoholics and addicts the message that their “disease” can creep up on them and cause a relapse at any time.

At Passages, we do not think that constantly being in fear of your addiction is any way to live.  People quit drugs and alcohol every day, and we do not know of any other diseases that someone can quit.  If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction and do not want to subscribe to the disease concept, Passages can help.

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