Staying Sober on a College Campus

Staying sober in college can be a challenging feat. Research studies have shown that roughly half of American college students report binging on drugs and alcohol on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, many college campuses have become heavily influenced by alcohol abuse, in Greek circles and non-Greek circles as well.  Every year, thousands of college students drop out after freshman year due to failing classes because of binge drinking, and the great privilege of higher education is lost solely due to self destructive choices. Some students claim they binge drink due to peer-pressure, while others claim it is to escape the pressure of homework and getting good grades. However, there are many individuals who do not binge drink or abuse drugs in college and there are lots of ways to get through college without drug and alcohol abuse. If you have already attended a drug or alcohol
rehab program and are returning to college, let your family and friends know you need their support to stay clean. There are lots of people you can turn to for encouragement, such as college counselors, professors, your parents and friends.  For someone newly sober, it can be difficult and tempting to stay in the environment where you were used to drinking or doing drugs, but with the right attitude and commitment it is impossible.  Be aware that it is challenging for all college students, whether they have had a past with addiction problems or not, to stay away from substance abuse. Make a commitment to yourself and to your education not to do drugs or drink.  Most college campuses have many sober social events, elective courses, athletic clubs, and many fun activities without drinking or drugs involved.