Staying Sober for the Long Term

Staying sober for the long term is a very rewarding experience, yet in order to maintain permanent sobriety there is certain work that must be put in.  The first part of establishing a long-term sober lifestyle is to first and foremost get a firm baseline of physical abstinence from drugs or alcohol.  Once you are detox and physically sober, then it is time to do the emotional and mental work.

At Passages Malibu, once our clients are clear-minded, sober, and detoxed, they are set up with a team of 10 therapists, doctors, nurses, and after care coordinators to match their specific needs.  We focus a great amount of time and effort in your aftercare planning, giving you many resources to use once you are out on your own and beginning your sober journey. We also conduct weekly groups where the focus is about staying sober, and how to achieve lasting sobriety post-rehab.

Many people who complete a drug or alcohol rehab program end up returning to a chaotic and
busy lifestyle afterwards, and it is very important to allow time for rejuvenation.  Yoga, meditation, and regular exercise are great tools for remaining balanced and clear.  It is also very important to maintain an increased awareness of your moods and emotional stability.  If you are getting stressed out at work, or getting anxious, irritable or upset for no real reason, it is very crucial for you to be aware so that you can identify these symptoms and react accordingly.  Many individuals do not recognize these signs of disturbance early on, allowing them to progressively worsen to the point of relapse.  Balance is truly the key to living a happy, healthy and sober life, and at Passages we believe that supportive friends and family, goals, and fulfilling activities are the key to
maintaining long term sobriety.