Depression Treatment and Addiction

Addiction and depression are conditions that frequently go hand in hand. A study conducted by the National Institute on Health reported nearly one-third of individuals with depression had a co-existing substance use disorder at some point in their lives, and also found that men with alcohol dependence had rates of depression three times higher than the general population; alcohol dependent women had four times the rates of depression.

Individuals with addiction and depression also very frequently have other duel diagnoses issues, including bipolar, OCD, anxiety, personality or other behavioral and cognitive disorders.  Depression and addiction, particularly addiction to alcohol and other depressants, are a dangerous combination due to the fact that they actually aggravate and worsen the symptoms of the other.

Many people begin abusing alcohol and illegal drugs as a way to numb themselves, escape their pain and to deal with the symptoms of depression, this substance abuse in fact worsens their pain over time. Although alcohol or drugs may seem to provide a brief, instantaneous relief from feelings of sadness, guilt or worthlessness, in actuality when the substances wear off the individual will be worse off and more depressed than before.  Seeking treatment to address both issues of addiction and depression is the most effective way to make recovery possible.  If you need professional treatment for addiction and depression, contact Passages Malibu.