Maintaining Your Sobriety While Dating

For many people, the transition back into the world of dating after achieving sobriety can be exciting yet slightly stressful or daunting.  Many newly sober individuals feel that romance and relationships are indeed wonderful, but that they can be triggers for relapse if they do not work out.

Dating does not have to be stressful or a trigger for relapse for a sober person.  Although many people associate dating with parties, meeting for drinks, or going to bars and nightclubs, there are numerous other fun activities to do while dating and remaining sober, and many people end up greatly enjoying how to learn to have fun, meet others, and date without the drugs or alcohol.

Dating sober is most effective when meeting people who are like-minded.  Whether it is meeting people through a sober community, meeting for coffee dates or other activities such as running, art, the movies, sports or yoga, sober dating can be a fun and healthy way to remain social and meet other sober people.

Most importantly, when looking for someone to date newly in sobriety, make sure to find someone who is supportive and mature and commends you for your sobriety.  They should not see it as a negative thing, but should recognize that your decision to get sober and stay sober shows that you are a responsible, dedicated and proactive person.