Affects of Alcohol on Women

There have been numerous recent studies revealing an increase in alcohol abuse amongst women, and an especially high increase in the number of college girls drinking to excess.  Studies also are showing alarming evidence that women are more vulnerable to alcohol-related liver, brain and heart damage. These findings regarding alcohol and women’s health, along with the fact that women are drinking more alcohol at younger ages, reinforces the importance of effective and comprehensive treatment centers for women with drinking problems.

In a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, women were shown to suffer more severe health consequences after abusing alcohol for shorter amounts of time than men.  The studies also revealed that women are more prone to liver damage, brain damage, heart muscle disease
(cardiomyopathy), and disorders of other muscles as a result of alcohol abuse.

Additionally, a study in Sweden found that alcohol abuse boosted the risk of death by five times in women compared with three times in men.  Although experts are not completely positive as to why alcoholic women are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of their addictions than men, there are several theories that a large number of metabolic and physiologic differences most likely play a role. Women have a higher percentage of fatty tissue in their bodies and less total body water content compared with men (alcohol dissolves more readily in water than in fat). As a result, compared to a man, a woman has less water in her body to absorb and dilute the alcohol.

Another thing that researchers and physicians point to is the fact that women have lower levels of an enzyme that helps break down alcohol in their system. If you know a woman who is suffering from alcohol addiction, call Passages today.