Characteristics and Dangers of Love Addiction

Love addiction is a condition that many people find hard to grasp or difficult to understand.  It is often perceived to be less serious than other addictions, such as substance abuse addictions, compulsive sexual addictions, eating disorders or other self-harm and mutilation addictions.  However, love addiction is in fact very serious and can have several detrimental effects for the addicted individual and their partners.

Many individuals who are suffering from a love addiction have other disorders present, such as depression or other mood or personality disorders, and very commonly also suffer from substance abuse.   There are numerous traits to look for that may signal a love addiction, and several characteristics that indicate that someone may be suffering from this problem.  As mentioned previously, individuals with love addictions commonly suffer from substance abuse disorders or other personality issues.

Love addiction is often rooted in a lack of nurturing or feeling attention when they were young, which leaves individuals feeling isolated and detached later in life, seeking out relationships to fill that void.  Love-addicted individuals often mistake intensity for intimacy and seek to avoid rejection and abandonment at any cost.  They feel a sense of worthlessness without a relationship or partner, and feel as though a relationship is the only thing that makes them feel complete or whole.  If you or someone you know is suffering from a love addiction with or without other compounding addictions, we are here to help.