Addiction and Relationships

Addiction can be very damaging to relationships, whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, marriages, or family relationships. Thousands of families in North America alone are struggling with the issue on a daily basis, which can have many serious and detrimental repercussions.  Individuals coping with some other underlying issue or personal pain often see their social drinking or drug usage gradually turn into alcohol abuse or drug dependency and eventually into a full-blown addiction.  This can be very difficult on friends or family members, and especially on children.

Marriages where one or both individuals are drug addicted have a much higher rate of divorce and infidelity than the general population.  Also, children of addicted individuals have a higher likelihood of becoming addicts themselves or displaying other negative emotional or psychological behaviors.   Often times, even if it is unintentional, an addicted individual ends up neglecting or abusing their friends and family, damaging their health, and often causing financial problems. If you are involved in a dysfunctional relationship with an alcoholic or drug addict, Passages Malibu can help both you and the individual dealing with dependency.

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