Alternate Pain Management at Drug Rehab Centers

Many individuals addicted to drugs, especially prescription pain killers, began abusing such drugs as a result of an ailment or injury.  Often times, individuals who have been treating chronic pain with opiate drugs develop an extreme physical dependency on their prescriptions, and are extremely reluctant to stop taking them even if the injury or pain is long gone.  In order to reduce this fear of recurring pain once drug use has ceased, many drug rehab centers now include alternative pain management programs.

Detoxing from prescription pain killers will not do much good if the addicted individual is dealing with an intense amount of chronic pain and does not know how to manage it.  At Passages, we help our clients develop an individualized pain management program to deal with their unique circumstances.  Whether it is through our natural supplements, acupuncture, yoga, or seeing a specialist at an outside pain management clinic, at Passages we are very successful at helping our clients heal their pain naturally, without the help of addictive and damaging medications.  We provide a full medical detox, where our staff can manage withdrawal symptoms and keep clients comfortable and safe.