Passages Addiction Cure Center is the world’s most innovative and effective residential drug and alcohol treatment program. Unlike other rehab centers, Passages is not 12-step based and rather focuses on a more individually tailored, holistic method of treatment.

The 12-step philosophy preaches that addiction is a disease, and that there is no cure. At Passages, we believe that drug and alcohol addiction is a symptom of deep underlying problems that a person is struggling with. These underlying problems cause mental or physical pain, and drugs or alcohol is what a person uses to alleviate the pain.

We won’t place you in groups all day that preach the disease concept of addiction, and place degrading labels on you like addict or alcoholic. You’re better than that, and along with being free from addiction, you deserve to be free of the labels as well. At Passages, each client has a team of 10 therapists. They provide approximately 60 hours a month of excellent, therapeutic one-on-one treatment. If you add in all the other activities and group sessions we offer, each client receives over 100 hours of attention at the end of the month.

If you or a loved one is ready to lose the identity of addict or alcoholic, achieve lasting sobriety, and live a life of health and happiness, then we are right for you.

To sign up for our free monthly newsletter or to visit the Passages website, go to passagesmalibu.com.

For in more information about either Passages Malibu or Passages Ventura, please call 888-777-8525, toll free, 24/7, and speak with a private admissions coordinator.

Remember, we believe in a cure and we believe in you!

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